Take back control over your pain

Being in pain sucks.

That’s why I founded Always Fysio. To give you the information and tools you need to relief your pain by yourself at the comfort of your home.

Always Fysio is different from all the other health websites because I go one step further and show you step by step what you have to relief your pain.

Including detailed exercise video’s.

I know it works because these treatments are exactly the same as I perform on my own patients as a physical therapist.

Fortunately, you don’t need me. You’ll only need my advice and exercises which you’ll find here.

It is how I’ve helped thousands of people in my ten years working as a physical therapist.

And if the information is not clear enough for you, you can always reach me through e-mail for further personalized advice.

I read a reply to every single question.

Martin Kielema

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